About 100 people gathered at Civic Center BART Station on Monday to protest the fatal shooting of Charles Hill by BART police on July 3. Protesters marched from Civic Center to Powell Station, and BART officials had to shut down Civic Center Station temporarily.

Approximately one hundred people gathered at Civic Center BART station Monday July 11 to protest the fatal shooting of Charles Hill by BART police on July
CTV crews set up cameras outside of Civic Center BART Station
BART employees prepare as protesters march down to the platform
CA police officer films protesters and vice versa.
BART spokesman Linton Johnson speaks to reporters
CA protester climbs on top of a BART train before being quickly removed
Protesters occupy a train at Civic Center Station.
CA police officer looks on as some protesters linger inside the station
CA police officer tells protesters to step away from the train

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  1. what is the change we wish to see? we dont want BART to run its own police force?

    why dont we protest at city hall? because BART has nothing to do with SF city hall.

    why are our protests disruptive? because we’ve been doing this for 3 years and thats the only thing that works. we tried talking to BART. we tried protesting. we tried petitions. we were ignored.

    commenter after commenter acts like in the 5 minutes of thought you gave this, you are somehow going to come up with better ideas than people who are devoting years of their lives fighting these police murders. the reality is, the only reason you gave the question 5 minutes of thought is because of the protest we did.

    1. The only reason I gave this topic “5 minutes” of thought is because I am one of the people you need to win over. Disrupting the lives of individuals is NEVER going to get them on your side or convince them to see things your way. Blocking entrances to trains, banging on train windows, climbing on top of trains, knocking over garbage cans on Mission Street etc. etc. Do you HONESTLY think one person stopped, looked and said “Hey, these folks are right, climbing on top of a train and causing me to be late to pick up my kids has opened my eyes to the fight of these protesters, where do I sign up?” No.

      1. TC,

        heres where you’re wrong. i dont need to win you, or even most of the public over. we already agree. neither you, nor i, have the power to disband BART’s boutique police/murder force. the BART board of directors, they have some power in that regard. they are who we ARE talking to, and if recent conversations are any indication, the protest was OVERWHELMINGLY effective.

        so my job (yours if you choose to join me, which i doubt you do, but luckily there’s enough of us who care that we can get by without you – change is always motivated by a tiny portion of active citizenry anyhow)… my job is to win over the BART board. and if i cant win them over by playing nice, then i have to win them over by playing mean. and since its their job to keep you happy and moving to and fro, unfortunately, to get their attention sometimes i have to do things that piss you off.

        incidentally, theres a lot BART could have done, being that the they knew this was coming, to make alternate arrangements to inconvenience you less. they make arrangements all the time when they know theres going to be a station shut down or an incident occurs. BART very deliberately chose not to do that, so if you are pissed off thats the place to direct your anger.

        1. Why did that woman have to screw up the bus system for the day? She should’ve just sat down in back like the rest, then written a letter about it. I was trying to get home from work!

        2. “if recent conversations are any indication, the protest was OVERWHELMINGLY effective.” Conversations between who? You and your friends, you and the media or you and BART?

          If it’s ultimately BART that you want to upset why don’t you go to the Bart Police Station/Office, form a blockade and disrupt them from entering the building performing their duties?

  2. What is the change they want to see? Police shouldn’t shoot people armed with knifes and other weapons lunging at them? BART police shouldn’t have guns and should just be stabbed at will by criminals? What exactly is this protest about?

    1. It’s about the eyewitness report that this guy was not lunging at the cops or advancing on them in a menacing way. He was a drunk and they murdered him. People have a right to be outraged.

  3. B&W is such a nice touch. Couldn’t the protesters just gather on the steps of City Hall and demand change there instead of turning people against them by stopping people from getting where they need to be, like… home, work, school, the airport, daycare center to pick up the kids etc. etc. etc.?

    And yes, I know the 2 individuals that were shot would loved to have made it to their destination too, but if you’re trying to win the citizenry over you need to be constructive with your protests, instead of disruptive. Unless you’re just trying to get on TV, then, mission accomplished.