Ticketing Cars in the Owner’s Drive

There it was on Bartlett

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I noticed recently that nearby residents were complaining on EveryBlock SF about getting parking tickets in their own driveways.

The problem always seems to be the car sticking out a bit, and sometimes the parker is way over the line, but this used to happened to me on San Jose Avenue and I felt that at times it was aggressive ticketing. (Sometimes not.)

On Monday, walking north on Bartlett, I noticed the SUV above had a $105 ticket. It didn’t really seem that out of line, which is to say that a wheelchair or other kind of scooter could easily get by without having to go out into the street.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in tickets on cars in driveways? If so, send in photos of deserved and undeserved tickets!

Update Chris O’Leary, a reader with a sharp eye, points out that the ticket in the photograph is for not having plates, but the notice above it suggests that it’s for illegal parking in a driveway. So is it illegal parking in a driveway because it has no plates? We’re checking. Yep. It is illegal. The front plate is missing. And I suppose the notice about the driveway is a warning of sorts.

Well, send any photos at all about getting ticketed in your driveway.

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  1. LA

    I also got an “aggresive ticket” in Noe Valley. My car is a compact car and maybe was in the sidewalk by about 4 inches. There was still plenty of room for strollers, wheelchairs, people walking side by side, dogs, etc. without even leaving the sidewalk. I will post a picture when I can. I actually felt harassed. There are streets in my neighbourhood that you have to walk in the street the entire block, but I am told that the people on the block have and “understanding” with SFMTA and never get ticketed. But I get $105 ticket for no legitimate reason.

    • Sean

      Obviously it is unfair if the other block has an “understanding” and that ought to be rectified but you were still 4 inches into the sidewalk.

      It doesn’t matter if you’re 4 inches or 4 feet, the point is that you’re still parked on/over the sidewalk.

    • ErinSF

      But you see, it does matter. Maybe the parker didn’t realize he/she was 14 inches into the sidewalk. This is entirely different than people parking laterally on the sidewalk (I’ve seen it a-plenty), or blocking the entire sidewalk.

      When we lived in Oakland, we’d all have to circle the blocks for an hour on street-cleaning days. No problem, except that you’re not allowed to park in the cleaned area until street cleaning hours are over. The sweepers would go past our apartment in the first 10 minutes of street cleaning. I made the mistake of re-parking in front of the building with 10 minutes left in the street cleaning period and got a ticket. My then-boyfriend got several. He actually had one dogging him for over a year. The city kept claiming he hadn’t paid it; he kept claiming he had. He finally showed up at the courthouse with a ream of paperwork; their response was “Oh.”

      Yeah, rules are rules are rules, but sometimes enforcement is a capricious money-grab. To suggest otherwise is to place way too much faith in parking enforcement and city bureaucracy.

  2. Fatima

    Well my neighbor got a ticket for parking parallel to his garage, he was told to move his car and get a W sticker like the rest of the neighbors who do not own a garage…I think this is ridiculous…San Francisco is becoming hard to handle….

  3. julie

    I got a ticket for blocking a curb cut, and I was not even close to doing so. I took a picture of the car as it stood, and they claimed it wasn’t the same block. Corrupt and lying! Personally, I hate when cars block the sidewalk, but when it’s a 10 foot sidewalk, and the car is intruding into two feet of it, IMHO, a ticket isn’t necessary.

  4. BJ

    In hilly Bernal its hard to find space to park temporarily when you unloading supplies to carry up the two and three flights of step, especially when there are children under five. Parking in a driveway should be allowed if the car allows at least 44″ of space to allow pedestrian or wheelchair access. Please tell me how a disable person is going to access a hill that is more than 8% slope on a side walk. Most residential tickets happen because of neighbors with bad attitudes. I think DPT needs to exercise good judgement rather that treating every circumstance as black and white. Mr. O’Leary sounds like he was reaching out of the air for a justification. Come on!!! DPT there is a RECESSION and people are out of work!!!

  5. BJ

    After reading some of the responses, the residents of this City are less tolerent than they were several years ago… especially in the Mission. And people wonder why San Francisco is losing their families.

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