SFist has a good post here on the story of how Ritual Coffee on Valencia Street ended its exhibit of Varese Layzer‘s work, asking the photographer to take down her artist’s statement and photos. Snapdango on Tumblr has the original post.

It’s worth taking a look at the photographer’s work, here. And the artist’s statement here. It says:

“In 2010, my mother died. As the last living member of my family, it fell on me to clear out the cluttered 1,100-square-foot rent-controlled apartment where I grew up and my parents had lived for 40 years. The process would take three months. During that time of work and grief, I also had to live there. I documented the process of making room for me at 5E.
After giving away thousands of pounds of belongings, I moved the remaining 4,000 pounds to a San Francisco storage space. Slowly, I made room to bring those objects into my world here: a painting, a clock, a lamp. I documented that process too.

Apartment 5E has since been bought and its walls demolished by a new owner. The objects and these pictures are all that remains.”

Take a look at the photos of Layzer’s work here and let us know what you think. I’m sure that Ritual Coffee owner Eileen Hassi, who generously offered Layzer a payment, would be interested in thoughtful views, as well. You own a coffee shop, you don’t necessarily like what an artist puts up.

Should you leave it or should you take it down?