Chac Mool protest was canceled due to new agreement

Supervisor Scott Wiener said Chicken John Rinaldi canceled Saturday’s plan to toss plastic puke in the park to protest the privatization of public space after the Recreation and Park Department made a deal to move the food truck, Chaac Mool, to the cutout on Dolores and 19th streets. However, Rinaldi still showed and brought his novelty puke with him.

The move to the edge of the park will take place within six to nine months, according to Wiener.

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  1. I think it is important to regulate how many trucks are settled per day. In the country that I am from, and it’s capital, we have had this going on for decades… however, you do not have it in the middle of the city, where traffic is already a problem.
    They are established on a designated area, and when you feel like eating there, you grab your rollers, or bike, or scooter or car and get there.
    The problem is that they are allowing trucks to get there because they will pay the money that RPD does not have to support the park.
    If you think that having more than 4 trucks at the time is cool, then get a passport and travel.

  2. I have lived in SF my whole life (40 years) and Dolores Park is still an ugly park with a beautiful view. It’s smelly, full of dog shit, has a dirty playground , smells of spilled beer,has grass full of mud holes and cigarette butts, left over hipster garbage and is filled with an OBNOXIOUS, space taking, consumerist, commercialist hipster crowd on sunny weekends. What difference is a taco truck going to make?

    1. YES. Looked out my window at Dolores Park for 12+ years. Moved. Couldn’t stand the new crowd. Really repugnant. Used to be so nice…sigh. What difference indeed!

  3. So they move the curb… and then what? Doesn’t that mean they’re off park land? And if so, will they keep paying rent? What about the other food trucks that park on the edge of the park?

  4. I might add that John Rinaldi has no problem with Burning Man using public land to host their event on every year. You know, the one where they drive hundreds of large vehicles around on the desert, tearing up the land in celebration of their being rich and white and carefree? John will be there this year, as he is every year.

    1. Sounds like you need to invest in your own plastic puke and get together a petition and attend some meetings and speak with local businesses and officials and get active about the things YOU are passionate about Mr THEMISSIONMAN, or, I guess just continue to bitch and complain while others are doing something about what they believe in.
      You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Dolores Park and Parks and Rec.

      1. Well, “local lover”, yesterday, while John Rinaldi was either spending his money onplastic vomit, or not spending his money on plastic vomit, or planning on really vomiting (who knows, really, what the facts are based on his various tales from the last week) I worked at the fundraiser for playground equipment in Duboce Park.

        While I am at a loss as to what John Rinaldi accomplished with the last week’s worth of threats, I do know that the volunteers of Friends of Duboce Park raised $2700 for playground equipment aimed at children aged 7 through 10.

        I should add that there was conversation among the indie food vendors at the event about what to do about John Rinaldi. It came to light that John Rinaldi has offered to reduce the rent to one vendor who is renting his unlicensed space due to the bad PR that his self serving protest has garnered.

        The fact that John Rinaldi and his friends are attacking the Mission Local is, in my own opinion (and I am not associated with this blog in any way) as evidence that “Chicken” John would much rather control information about the events in OUR neighborhood. King Chicken John decided to show off his new outfit all on his own, don’t blame the crowd for pointing out that he has no clothes.

        As a long time resident of the Mission, I welcome with open arms this blog. It seems to me that Mission Local is trying to report on the stories of everyone who calls the Mission home, not just aging hipsters like myself and John Rinaldi. Perhaps that offends Chicken John, this is HIS Mission and Duboce Park is HIS park, but to me the Mission Local is a welcome addition to our collective neighborhood.

        1. Ummm I don’t work for Mr. Rinaldi. He is a showboat and unimportant self-serving Trump-esque figure in the local landscape. However, I really hate this idea of commercial vendor in Dolores Park. How would you like a Taco truck smack dab in the middle of beautiful Duboce Park? Dare I say the NIMBY-to-the-max Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association would be out with pitchforks, no? But when it comes to the Mission, no one gives a crap. Commercialize away!

          Now that I’ve seen the truck in the park I can honestly say it really makes the place luck trashy. Nothing against Lo Cocina or their vendor or anything personal. It just mars the park. I’m glad they’re considering putting it on the street cut-out. I’ll believe it when I see it, especially knowing the glacial pace of Parks and Rec. ANd a 6 month commitment isn’t exactly worth its weight in gold.

  5. Chicken John Rinaldi will happily burn down your city just so he and his friends can play their fiddles and say “look at us, ain’t we cute?”. John Rinaldi comes from privilege. He claims ownership of Dolores Park and the Mission District because that is what rich people do.

    John Rinaldi protests a chain store opening on Valencia St. while he himself is deeply associated with a chain store on 100 yards away from the proposed location. He is angry that the City is earning MUCH NEEDED money from granting a license to this food cart, while he runs an unlicensed, untaxed businesses that rents out its space for food cart vendors to host events. He is mentally incapable of understanding his own hypocrisy.

    John Rinaldi doesn’t have to empathize with working people. He thinks that his status in the almost all white Burning Man culture is somehow relevant in the real world. I remember when John and his dot com burning man buddies destroyed the Mission, closing dance studios and music rehearsal studios and driving rents through the roof. We will never recover from the damage that he did to the Mission in the early 2000s, but we can reject John Rinaldi now as the middle aged trust fund scamster that he truly is.

    The Mission Local is wonderful, btw. I believe that it has been an unbiased reporter of this issue throughout.

    1. Wow! There isn’t one single accurate statement in this entire comment. Its like a new record. Most people give at least one or two truthful statements. This one bats absolute zero.

      1. Tracy: Maybe it would help the discussion to say what is inaccurate. Thank you, Lydia

        1. Yes, I guess pointing out all the inaccuracies with comments and also reporting would help.
          If people just did their job (getting facts, conducting interviews/quotes) instead of just rewarming old, misinformed tweets and random blogs, people might actually get a better idea of what is going on.

  6. Moving the truck to a cutout rather than having exclusive use of part of a public park sounds like a great solution.