A reader writes in:

I saw a horrific hit and run on Christmas eve. A bicyclist hit at the intersection of 25th and Bartlett. His head was bleeding open and he was in shock. His body was thrown far from his bike. It was very disturbing to witness.

I can’t help but wonder if there was a stop sign, like there is on Bartlett at 24th, 23rd, 22nd, 21st, maybe this accident wouldn’t have happened?

I’ve seen close calls with cars, bicycles, and most commonly, walkers. Cars speed through to make the Mission street traffic light, and with all the parked cars, visibility is challenging.  Can you help with the process of requesting a stop sign?

The process of requesting a stop sign takes a letter: one that explains the location and the justification for adding the sign. The petitions can be sent via email to dpt.website@sfgov.org or regular mail to: SFMTA, Attention: Traffic Engineering, 1 South Van Ness, Seventh Floor, Room 7046, San Francisco, CA 94103.

But most importantly, be careful out there, all of you. For all the police checkpoints, there are going to be a lot of drunk and distracted drivers out today.

CORRECTION: Another reader wrote in to say that there is a stop sign on the southeast corner, but that it is almost entirely obscured by foliage.

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  1. There is a stop sign, but for only one direction of traffic (northbound on Bartlett). Crosswalks are painted on all four sides—it looks like a four-way stop, but isn’t.

    Please write the City to request a stop sign. I’ve written three letters in three years but the won’t listen to one person. I see minor car accidents at this corner nearly once a month.

    Thank you.