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  1. Your map contains a serious omission:
    The Lexington Club
    19th and Lexington
    Best bar in the Mission!

  2. Missing the El Trebol and the City Club amongst many other local bars.

    You carpet baggers, college do gooders or the usual Bay Guardian lefties should start out your night at the El Trebol. You will be welcome with open arms by the armed guard. Make sure to tell the locals how you think they should be living their lives.

  3. Although I did enjoy a brew myself last night, I must say there’s a helluva lot of alcohol flowing in the Mission every night. And too often the tobacco that goes along with it.

    1. Cava 22 — because there’s also a side room in the front that is less noisy and still has lots of space. Plus, the margaritas are really good. But others may have different ideas. Best, lc

  4. Not sure why the map only goes to Capp st. You are missing great bars like Shotwell’s and The Doubleplay.

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