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The saga of the mural at 24th and Capp St. continues. Weigh in and let us know what you think.

Uptown Almanac posted the first “Stop Hating, We Want Our Mural Back,” message on Saturday after the property owner painted over the extension of the mural by Twick and others along 24th Street.

Posted by Uptown Almanac, Saturday, May 1.

By Sunday morning, that plea had been painted over.

On Sunday morning, May 2, the plea had been painted over.

You can see here how the mural had been wrapped around.

The mural along 24th Street had been extended, then painted over.

But,the plea appeared again by Sunday afternoon in red and was still there when I walked by this morning.

Sunday Afternoon, May 2.

Should the owners have left it alone to begin with?