Ay Caramba! More Parking Meters

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Horace Mann Middle School teachers got a surprise this month when they arrived to park on Valencia Street and discovered the one-hour parking between 23 and 24th streets had been replaced with new meters.

“It really impacts teachers here because we don’t have any parking yard,” said Valerie Barth, a teacher-librarian.

Teachers at Horace Mann once got general parking permits. Now they get I permits for nearby on-street parking.  The closest is on Bartlett, but Tuesday and Thursday street cleaning makes parking difficult to find and Valencia’s spaces helped, Barth said. Now that option’s gone.

Kristen Holland, from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, said the city’s put in 23 new meters on that block.

And, that’s not all.

The bus zones where the 26-Valencia stopped until the city ended the 108-year-old line in early December are being replaced with 46 meters and some bike corrals, she said.

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  1. sai_lowe


  2. IvanSF714

    Once again, the MTA is doing it’s best to make the city more unlivable for everyone its overpaid management and workers.

  3. petronius

    OK, this is a much more complex issue than MTA or even San Francisco. We could look back to the initial election of Arnold, when he promised to eliminate the vehicle license fee and cut off billions in funding to the cities and counties of California. Add to this the “No new taxes” position of the GOP and the fact that no financial law can be enacted without a 2/3 majority in California, meaning that the Republican minority enjoys the ability to stop anything they don’t endorse i.e. new taxes or most new revenue generating measures. So, ever since, the cities and counties have been milking every last fee increase they can think of to generate more funds to support operations. Remember, prisons get more money in California that higher education.
    So what is the solution? Got any ideas? Let your legislators know since they don’t seem to be thinking about anything beyond fund-raising for the next election.

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