SF Weekly points us to the Summit Blog, a really interesting diary of the cafe/bar that’s going up at 777 Valencia, one of the spaces left vacant after the New College shut its doors.
From the blog:
The Summit is the ultimate 3rd space, a concept popularized by Ray Oldenburg that states that society needs a place away from home (1st space) and work (2nd space). 3rd spaces are “anchors of community life and facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction.”
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It’s National Karaoke Week

Earplugs optional. 6 A.M. 51° and going up to 62°, clear all day they say. RTCanada leaves this voice message at work: “Forecasting weather in San Francisco? You can’t be serious.”

2010: Not a Good Year for Equality

Restore Equality 2010, this year’s electoral challenge to Prop 8, has reportedly failed to make the ballot. Will the odds on equality improve in 2012?

Slackaholics Discover Lake Dolores

Even a crappy blog has a good day now and then, but to run into the quintessential Mission monument must make them feel — like they’re walking on vanished waters.

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