Mimi Chakarova has spent the last seven years documenting sex trafficking in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Mission Eyes took a field trip downtown to see our very own multimedia editor’s new photography show, “The Price of Sex.”

The Price of Sex :: Photo Exhibition
April 15–May 15, 2010
FiftyCrows Gallery—Social Change Photography
49 Geary St., Suite 225

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Born in the central valley of Massachusetts and raised in Tidewater Virginia, Garrett attended public schools before graduating from the University of Virginia. Wandering and working in various national parks, tutoring kids on the playgrounds of Dublin, and teaching English to 3rd graders in China eventually led to some temporary confusion, and a re-settling as a community journalist.

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  1. what’s with the fondling of your leica m6? maybe thered be a lot more pictures if you had used a digital camera with silent mode.

  2. The price of sex is about $300 these days.
    The price of these war on the wh$re non profit poverty p$mping profiteers is the debt bondage our country now lives in. Decriminalize sex and immigration NOW!

  3. I’m sorry to say, but in the Tenderloin there are still women only charging $40 for a session.

  4. This brief video did not really explain or define the horrendous tragedy which has and is occurring around the world including the U.S. The few comments seen here make light of something which is horrific. Sex is designed to do two things. Strength the bond between one committed man with one committed woman, and to hopefully create new life. All of the other pornographic depictions of sex are just that, pornographic, demeaning, sinful, what ever negative connotation one wants to or can put to it.
    Peace and God Bless

  5. to jonas i posted above: what a lame, thoughtless comment. as if Ms. Chakrova’s drive is about technology. here’s a hint: it’s about exposing slavery and the dehumanizing of women, globally… period. it is also very dangerous work. i sincerely commend Mimi for bringing this to public awareness.

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