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Happy Birthday Charles Baudelaire!

“Stupidity, delusion, selfishness and lust

torment our bodies and possess our minds,”

April 9, 2010  6 A.M.  48° and clear, positively clear, sunny and in the high 60’s — a perfect Mission day for loafing.

Behind the Bamboo Touchscreen

Four suicide attempts in the past month at a plant of the Chinese iPad producer may provide a glimpse into the work embodied in the machine.  Here’s how the plant was said to look in 2006.

Gracias Que No Hay Gratitud

Jonathan Kauffman’s long paean to Gracias Madre, which he sez, serves a niche.  Best thing about it?  None of the in-your-face thanksgiving he had to endure from the parent, Cafe Gratitude.