So how did immigrants and other ethnic minorities in the country fare with the newly signed health (insurance) reform (sort of) recently signed into law?  See summaries from New American Media here and here.  The bad news is that undocumented immigrants will not not be eligible for any potential benefit.  The good news?  They won’t be required to purchase insurance  — or get deported if they don’t have it.

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In the Mission Today

For the mind: Ariel Gore at at Modern Times or poetry at the Mission Cultural Center both at 7 p.m.

For the soul: A Celebration of Archbishop Oscar Romero at Cesar Chavez at 6 p.m.

For fun: Amensia has gypsy jazz and then jazz, Revolution Cafe, tango and the Elbow Room, Club Shutter.

Todays photo from swampzoid

The Hip Happenings in La Lengua

Home of the city’s first parklet (scene of Lt. Gov –oops Mayor Gavin’s recent excuse-mongering you tube address to whomever is still paying attention), the little hood that could now geting attention from SF Chron. Carl Nolte (Chron reporter who does column called “native son”) refers to area as “San Jose Guererro” neighborhood. A native son perhaps, but not a Mission native and clearly not a deovotee of Burrito Justice.

Bike to School Day

Why don’t kids bike to school every day? Beats any other form of transportation, even for the notoriously lazy. Who knows? They may even go to school. In an effort to spur bike consciousness among young scholars, a coalition of groups, with $500,000 in fed stimulus money (Chinese credit at work!) are sponsoring the second, hopefully annual, San Francisco Bike to School Day on April 15. Last year 500 kids rode bikes to 25 schools. This year the goal is 1000.