While the tsunami waves might not have had quite the impact some expected, many Bay Area residents have certainly felt the impact of yesterday’s terrible 8.8 earthquake in Chile, including Chile Lindo owner Paula Tejada.

On that note, if you have any updates from friends or family in Chile that you would like to share, please do.

New Turf, for a Mil
SF Gate reports that units in the new Novo townhome development on Guerrero between 22nd and 23rd streets are up for grabs. Asking price? How does $1.125 million sound? Better act quick to grab one of the cheaper spots, then, because most of the rest are $1.5 million, according to the article.

And because I treat Today’s Mission as my own personal blog sometimes, I’ll mention that I went on a photowalk with Brad Evans of Citysnaps a few days ago. One of his shots, (of some faded Valentine’s Day flowers, perhaps?) is here.

Mission Musician
Allan Hough of Mission Mission posted this video a few days ago of local musician Sean Hayes, both the video and the song are really, really pretty. Thanks, Allan.

After a few listens/viewings, I checked out the video blog that helped to make the video, and found they had another song by him up! Check out When We Fall In. A little more alive, but no less lovely.

Sean Hayes – When We Fall In from cleanwhitelines on Vimeo.