CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District!   55° F.  Not raining now, though the air is so wet many walking with umbrellas open like it was still yesterday.  Little rain forecast, mostly in the morning.

The Welcome Mat is Out!

Yuppies, breathe easy:  your SUV is safe with us.  Allan Hough at Mission Mission shares the latest from Jason (AKA-“OgCracker”)Thanks Jason.  And thanks for sharing Allan;  always nice to start the day with something sweet.

But Not Too Sweet

“O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.” And now with the magic of the internet, we can — sort of.  The latest vantage point comes from Laconia, New Hampshire where Burrito Me is showing off its “Mexican flair.”  If you need Wikipedia to tell you what a “Mission-style burrito” is,  don’t feel bad, you may have slept through the metamorphosis.   You don’t live in the Mission; it’s “the Mission”.

Sanctuary City Not Guilty

San Francisco is not liable for the murders of Tony Bologna and his sons, ruled Superior Court Judge Carol Woolard.  Bologna’s attorney argued the city was responsible for the shootings because of its Sanctuary policy.  Judge Woolard ruled San Francisco had no duty to protect the Bolognas or anyone else from the killer  unless city officials had information that he posed a specific danger to them, which was not the case.

He not only survived the ’60’s, he graduated from Mission High School.  Over 40 years later,  City Insider reports that Gavin Newsom will present the 2010 Mayor’s Art Award to Carlos Santana.  Is Joe Alioto rolling over in his grave?  Or is he tapping his toes?  Of course Santana should be the focus of attention, but catch the Newsoms in the photo:  are they expecting him to clean up the room after the award ceremony?

Remember that Old School Fight Song?

With the MUNI crisis grabbing attention in recent days, no one is forgetting the education crisis:  a forecast $113 million shortfall in the coming year.  In a recent post on Beyond Chron, Lisa Shiff reports on upcoming protests, but points out that no solution is likely until the state’s “absolutely broken system of revenue generation and budget allocations” is fixed; beginning by overthrowing the despised super majority requirement to pass budget and revenue proposals.  Is there a lesson here for MUNI defenders?

Sick Campaign, but Swell Jobs Program

The Prop 8 victory in 2008 came as a shock to many of us, especially with the Obama win and the general trouncing of troglodytes.  We all knew the campaign was run poorly, but how bad could it have been?  Pretty bad, as it turns out.    Matt Smith (“the Snitch”) has a new piece in SF Weekly explaining the campaign was more  “a full-employment act for West Coast political hacks,” than an electoral machine.  Harvey Milk, please come home!

Wednesday morning means the Editors will soon be whining for walnut scones from Mission Pie.  Got to get outta here

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