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$10K Scholarships for College-Bound Students

826 Valencia is at it again: our flame, our hope, our conscience in grim times.  This year the neighborhood writers’ incubator will award four scholarships for high school graduates or graduating seniors, demonstrating financial need, living in the Bay Area, and demonstrating an intent to enroll in a vocational school, college, or university.

Bullpens Implode in Mission

As the sun rises on another season of Giants, A’s et. al., Burrito Justice informs us the first baseball game in California was played in the Mission between the Eagles Red Rovers.   The Eagles were awarded a disputed win after nine innings ended in a 33-33 tie.   Following up on recent posts, Burrito Justice digs deeper into the history of baseball in the Mission, with archival clips and photos supplemented by contemporary commentary.  Makes me want to duck out of this stupid job and head for . . .  I guess I’ll wait for April.

Designated Drivers?

While we wait for spring training to open in Scottsdale, we can always play another favorite SF sport — blame the MUNI drivers.  In the wake of significant cuts in MUNI (and all public services), the drivers and workers recently rejected a new contract which would have cost them $15 million.   Furious, city officials and major media outlets cast the drivers as the real villains of the Great Recession, and threatened a new round of cuts.  But an analysis by SF.Streetsblog San Francisco shows  defacto serious service cuts already taking place mostly as a result of the recently instituted freeze on overtime.  As the analysis suggests, taking out our anger and frustration on MUNI drivers and workers will only makes things worse.

FBI Just Wants to Share

So what’s wrong with that, asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  That’s not what they actually said.  As reported by SF Appeal/The Alley/Bay City News, the Court said the defendant’s expectation of privacy “could not survive his decision to install and use file-sharing software, thereby opening his computer to anyone else with the same freely available program.”  So who’s sharing your files?

Au Revoir Craig’s Place

Once the dreariest of intersections, Delfina’s, Bi-Rite and Tartines have brought the full urban Renaissance to 18th and Guerrero.  Hopeful entrants in the Mission’s eating-go-round moving in better be up for the challenge.  Eater SF reports on Craig’s demise and a new seafood place on the way.

Zambaleta!  Free!

Mission Mission announces a week of free dance and music classes at Zambaleta, a new dance school on 19th and Florida.  That’s 50 classes!

This just in:  Scones?, my editor asks. Yes.  I’m off to Mission Pie.

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