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CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Good Morning Mission District!

Current temperature at 24th and Mission is a wet 50 degrees Fahrenheit with rain in the forecast.  Right now, misting. You don’t think you need an umbrella, but two blocks later, you may change your mind.

Glenna opens La Boheme at 6 a.m., as she has for 35 years. Turn on lights, heat, stoves, routines that long ago became rituals.  “A lot of prep, even for a small place like this.”   The few customers who come in regularly at this hour are mostly known.  Maybe not to one another, but to Glenna.  She’s seen ’em all.

Rebuild, Restore, Revitalize

A killer quake hit Haiti a month ago, and the reverberations continue.  The Mission knows something about the devastation earthquakes can cause.   Tomorrow, ODC presents a unique opportunity to learn Haitian dance and drumming, while lending  support and expressing solidarity with  Haitians.   The event features a master class presented by Haitian dancer Mona Estimè-Amira and drummer John Amira.

Department of Disaster

The Haitian quake reminds us of our own precarious foothold on this Earth’s misleading crust.  San Francisco has a website to help us prepare for the Big One:  72hours.org.  A few years back when the site launched,  preparedness planners assumed it might take up to three days for power, food, water, medical aid, etc. to arrive.  Think again.  Only the news media got to Haiti in three days!  And whereas San Francisco is not Port-au-Prince, the international relief so far effort provides little comfort.  72hours.org now warns it might be “several days” before vital services are restored.

Photography Plus Poetry = ?

An unusual poetry/photography collaboration opens tonight at the Secession Art and Design.  One of the featured photographers will be Mission Loc@l’s own moonlighting Armand Emamdjomeh.  Mission Loc@l is investigating the allegation that he does his best stuff on his  “own time.”  For more info, go to The Poetry Store.

The Price of Faux Authenticity

Randy Shaw discusses gentrification in his review of Sharon Zukin’s Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places.  Although the book and Shaw’s experience speak to the particulars of New York City,  parallels are evident.  Hipsters and anti-hipsters take note.

Seasons Tickets for SF Missions On Sale Now

Another view of Recreation Park, circa 1928 (via Mission Mission who got it from Burrito Justice who got it from LookBackMaps).  Built in 1907, the ballpark was home to the San Francisco Missions, who became the San Francisco Reds, three years before the October Revolution.

Misting much harder, more enveloping.  Get a walnut scone over at Mission Pie?

Why not.