Elisabeth Carr is a guest blogger for Mission Loc@l and the creator of missioncloset.com

As the holiday cheer quickly dissolves into January, I find myself bored with the clothes in my closet. The winter trends I bought in the fall have lost their luster but the spring lines are not yet available in stores. While many people are making resolutions to focus on fitness or crush bad habits, I’ve resolved to refresh my wardrobe this January and escape the between-seasons fashion rut. Care to join me in this sartorial resolution? Here’s my plan for a stylish, fashion-forward 2010:

Edit your closet: A crowded closet only makes it harder to decide what to wear in the morning. Go through your clothes and remove everything you rarely wear or anything that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself when you are wearing it. My rule is if I haven’t worn it in a year then I no longer need it.  Plan a clothing swap with friends, donate to the Goodwill, or sell to stores like Buffalo Exchange or Painted Bird.

Define your style:  Make an inspiration board using magazine clippings, photos, movie stills, or fabric swatches that immediately inspire you. Don’t over think it. When you see something that makes you think, “I want to look like that,” rip it out and post it on your board. Once you’re done, look for themes that establish your personal style and start to become conscious of it when you’re shopping.

Window shop: I love taking styling cues from window displays because they come up with outfits that never would have occurred to me. Stores like Anthropologie and J.Crew create beautiful window displays, but I regularly walk by local boutiques like Dema, Weston Wear, Ambiance, and Candystore Collective for more unique seasonal styling tips.

Take risks: I often hear friends say, “I could never pull off that look” without actually trying it out first. Taking one fashion-forward risk every day for a week will help you spice up the winter outfits that are becoming monotonous. You’ll also learn what new looks work for you. If you don’t feel good in it by the end of the day then it probably isn’t right, but if you received a couple compliments, or you’re feeling comfortable in the look by the time you get home, then yes, you can pull it off!

Accessorize: Current accessories always refresh a classic look and are an easy way to affordably follow trends. Instead of buying marked-down winter clothes during this between-seasons time period, look for fun accessories to rejuvenate the outfits you already have and save your money for spring. Lately “more is more” has been a popular philosophy on the runway, so don’t stop at just one piece. Try layering several necklaces or wearing a stack of bracelets. Experiment with scarves, hats, gloves, and belts. Check out Studio 3579 on Dolores for accessories by designers like Joy O, and Indie Industries.

Plan ahead: January and February magazines are already starting to preview spring lines so you can plan ahead for the must-have trends rather than buy on impulse. Think about the key pieces, like a killer jacket and handbag, that will turn your favorite pair of jeans and heels into a current, stylish outfit.

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Elisabeth Carr is a guest blogger for Mission Loc@l and the creator of mission:closet, a blog about San Francisco fashion. She began her journalism career at Sunset Magazine where she wrote stories about caramels and well-organized pantries and ate a lot of food in the test kitchen. During the day Elisabeth works in marketing at salesforce.com and at night she scours fashion websites and blogs for mission:closet inspiration. She grew up in Berkeley, and currently lives by the Muni stop "Liberty and Right of Way."

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