In probably the most important breaking news to hit the Mission since, ok, I don’t know, but it’s a pretty big revelation – Mission Mission’s Ariel Dovas reveals a prime public bathroom spot in the middle of … Mission Police Station.

A bit further down Valencia, Meli used some Dirty Harry-style snap reflexes with her camera to snag this shot of a high-riding bicyclist outside of Four Barrel Coffee. Comments on the photo on Flickr note that a couple of these bikes have been seen before (and were apparently quite the thing in LA.)

So here’s how you make one of these things, though it doesn’t quite look as cool as the one in the photo. Ok I’ll stop talking about bikes.

In real news, the Napa Valley Register has published an obituary of Rodney Curiel, the 34-year-old man apparently strangled in his room in the Mission Hotel.

And the New York Times published a piece on nonprofit filmmaking in San Francisco, one of the films described, “Corner Store,” follows the Palestinian owner of a corner deli as he travels back to his homeland in the Palestinian Territories.

Also, on a final disturbing note, Anthony’s Cookies has been closed for at least the past two days due to some “unforeseen delays in contruction.” My life is suddenly devoid of the smell of cookie.

One last thing. This series of illustrations of every song on The Magnetic Fields’ triple-disc “69 Love Songs” really has nothing to do with the Mission, except for the fact that it’s probably the coolest thing in the blogosphere. But how are “No One Will Ever Love You” and “Come Back to San Francisco” not done yet? Someone submit please.