First things first, I hope everyone had a safe and happy palindrome day yesterday — 01022010. (Thanks, infodiva.)

If you start to notice more penny-pinching out-of-towners crowding your favorite taqueria, Bi-Rite or Tartine, blame the Los Angeles Times Travel blog post that came out yesterday. The Mission might not hold the top tourist destinations, but it apparently took top honors for catering to the thriftier — and hungrier — adventure-seekers.

For anyone in the investigative mood, possibly after watching Sherlock Holmes, or anyone who just wants help a stranger, keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of items that went missing in the Mission over the last couple of days: a pink Razor, a stickered laptop and a very clearly-labeled iPod Touch. Start off your new year with good karma — unlike some other people.

Or you can just help yourself to a free 6-foot aluminum easel to solve your larger-scaled arts needs.

Speaking of arts, as mentioned in Hey Kids!, don’t forget today’s the last day for several shows here in the Mission: “Mr. Yoowho’s Holiday,” “Yes, Sweet Can,” “Fun-derful Holidaze,” and “The Greatest Bubble Show on Earth.” Maybe check out one of these shows to celebrate the end of the weekend — and probably the end of two weeks of intense holiday partying. Don’t forget everything’s business as usual tomorrow, folks.

Kimberly Chua

Kimberly is currently a journalism major and business minor at San Francisco State University. Come May 2010, she will be moving on to bigger and better things, i.e. living and breathing journalism, not...

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