El Reportero reports that the owner of El Valenciano, Don Edgardo Vides, died of a heart attack on Dec. 17.

Don Vides, a Salvadoran native, came to San Francisco in 1972. He worked at Pacific Bell Telephone Company for 25 years and acquired the building that houses the bar and restaurant in 1996.

He is survived by his mother, wife and four children. He was 64.

In other news, the Examiner reports that politically-connected Gus Murad of Medjool is hosting a party for two of Newsom’s ousted staffers this Thursday.

Alfredo Pedroza, the liaison for the Latino community and Districts 9 and 11, is one of them.

The Chronicle reported that they were removed from their positions to make room for Newsom’s campaign loyalists, at least one of which has no connection to San Francisco.

Supervisor David Campos honored Pedroza at the last Board of Supervisors meeting on Dec. 15.

Mission Loc@l reported last month about Medjool’s situation with their rooftop bar

Moving on to lost and found: Vic Wong of Mission Mission wrote about a missing bird that goes by the name “Grease Lightning.”

These guys, on the other hand, found an orange striped cat on 25th and Treat. Go claim it if its yours because apparently he is making himself comfortable at their home.