Claire Jackel's "Gravity Always Wins" opens at the Lab on Friday.

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It’s a new year, a new start, and a chance to get over the massive holiday season hangover. This weekend the Mission offers plenty of art and literary events sure to bring excitement to one and all.

Tyrone Davies at the Lab
Remember when you were a kid and you put your nose up against the television screen? You probably saw a jumble of red, blue, and green dots. When viewed from a distance, these three electron beams created a picture. This is all thanks to the cathode ray tube, a vacuum tub that bends beams by magnetic deflection or something. But enough with the half-hearted science lesson. In the age of LCD and flat, high-def, super-awesome, plasma screens Tyrone Davies explores the disposability of this technology in his single-channel video works. There will also be an excerpt from “Jelly Boil”. Fri., Jan. 8. 6-9pm. FREE. The Lab. 2948 16th Street. 415.864.8855.

Claire Jackel

Gravity Always Wins
Anyone who has tried running drunkenly in four-inch heels has learned this sad truth: Gravity always wins. Claire Jackel’s paper models remind us of the fragility of everyday life in the face of disaster and catastrophe. Fri., Jan. 8. 6-9pm. FREE. The Lab. 2948 16th Street. 415.864.8855.

Also opening at the lab: Transitions by Christine Webster. This exhibit examines teenage online engagement and identities in The United States, United Kingdom, and China. Fri., Jan. 8. 6-9pm. FREE. The Lab. 2948 16th Street. 415.864.8855.

Literary Death Match
Probably not as gory as it sounds. But still seems pretty damn cool. Readers include fiction writing-visual performance team Matty Byloos and Josh Atlas, SF Chronicle cartoonist Michael Capozzola, Earth’s premiere science comedian Brian Malow, and more. What exactly is a science comedian? You’ll have to attend to find out. Fri., Jan. 8. 6:30-9pm. Tickets. Elbo Room. 17647 Valencia St. 415.552.7788

Genevieve Quick

Southern Exposure
Beginning this Friday, January 8th, Southern Exposure presents three solo exhibitions by Genevieve Quick, Lacy Jane Roberts and Andy Vogt. Running from January 8th – February 20th. Artists talks begin at 6:30 and the reception is from 7-9pm. Click the photos for links to more information on the artists and the exhibit. Fri., Jan. 8. 6:30-9pm. Southern Exposure. 3030 20th St. 415.863.2141

The Seduction of Marcel Duchamp
How has Marcel Duchamp formed your concept of art? His influence probably reaches farther than you think. As the founder of Dadaism, his art later influenced the Futurist and Surrealist movements. In this show over thirty local artists were asked to create their own Duchamp-inspired works. Sat., Jan. 9. 5-8pm. Artzone 461. 461 Valencia St. 415.441.8680

Why labor for weeks on a piece of art? With modern technology shouldn’t there be a faster way to create? After viewing the art at Root Division‘s new exhibit, it might become clear why these artists feel compelled to do things the traditional way. Sat., Jan. 10. 7-10pm. Root Division. 3175 17th St. 415.863.7668

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  1. Note of advice – if you’re inspired to revisit childhood (or your parents’ childhood, depending) by putting your nose up against an old TV made before 1970? Don’t.

    Some of these emit x-rays since manufacturers didn’t put enough lead in the glass screens to block them from irradiating you at close range.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the LDM event! Literary blood may indeed be shed. All kidding aside, it promises to be a great event and thanks again for the mention!
    Matty B.