Wednesday Foodie Edition

After a long wait at Phil’z today, we finally got our hands on some of the first issues of Panorama to hit the streets. The Guardian has the rundown, and special congratulations to Patricia Decker, who’s investigative report on the massive replacement of the Bay Bridge runs on page one and is available online at the Public Press, here.

Apparently street copies, which cost only $5 compared to the $16 you’ll get at local bookstores, sold out around noon. But hey, support a local bookstore why don’t ya?

Meanwhile, Burrito Justice has the scoop (via Muni Diaries) on new construction at the enigmatic La Rondalla. Mission Local food reporter Brooke Minters says that neighbors see sporadic activity in the vacant storefront, but plywood could be a big step. Also, apparently well before it was La Rondalla, it was a saloon, another saloon, another saloon, a soda fountain (during Prohibition) and a coffee shop.

In more foodie news, Eater’s got rumors that Ike’s could be moving to a new sit-down location, but at least they’re staying in the Mission. Also, Mission Street Food is staying open until 11 p.m. during this Thursday’s offal night for an industry happy hour.

They call it Indilicious. And it serves up tikka tacos, debuting last week at The Lab.

Last, Bi-Rite is launching a second sturm of its Bi-Rite wine blitz from Thursday through Sunday. Twenty percent off a 12-bottle case of wine. Salud!

– Armand

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  1. Still Disgruntled

    Sold out at noon, after they released them at 11am! Now only selling at $15. In a big “f you” to the working people of SF, even those who tried to find the elusive “early morning newsies” McRipoff promised…

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