People of all ages showed up at the secret venue on Thursday night ready to taste homemade jams, buy foraged mushrooms and tinctures with intriguing names like “Penetrate the Heart.”

Iso Rabins, founder of Forage SF, decided to organize the first underground farmer’s market three weeks ago to allow people who make fresh foods but cannot afford to rent a commercial kitchen yet, to sell at an event. With some help from friends, he found a house and called vendors to participate.

Seeing how many people were there, the word spread. People piled into a small bathroom to get drinks, and a bedroom to listen to live music.

For vendors, the event was a success too. Within a couple of hours, Shakirah Simley of Slow Jams had only two canned fresh jams and butters. At the next table, Lauren and Jon Bowne had sold most of their three pans of sweet Jewish noodle dessert and all of their corned beef sandwiches.

Rabins, who organizes underground dinners for Forage SF knows that these events can bring on legal issues but he hopes he can organize another market soon. “The health department showed up,” Rabins said, “but they were very nice.”