A bit of history parks today with the end of the 26-Valencia.

As it turns out, the 26 is/was one of the safest routes in the city. Burrito Justice has an interesting group of charts on exactly what a Muni incident constitutes.

A Mission Mission reader sends in this photograph on graffiti art in Paris. We too recently got a couple of new murals in the neighborhood. This one shown in the sidebar at 17th and Folsom was photographed by Mehdi Bouqua, who is both a painter, and a photographer.

Bouqua wrote in an e-mail, “I consider this mural in particular, a Great work of Art done by great Street Artists. The Colors, The Geometric shapes, The light that balances from the Corner street Light, The People Passing By, The Air and The moment all play a big role in appreciating it.”

It’s growing on me. I do love his photos.

Don’t forget to attend Encuentro del Canto Popular at the Brava Theater tonight and Saturday night to support our local newspaper El Tecolote. We have been part of a joint publishing venture for the last three months and hope to continue into the New Year.

And, of course, Hey Kids, there’s loads for you to do in the coming week.

And for families and adults, there’s Saturday’s MAPP–the Mission Arts and Performance Project. I’m always amazed to meet long time Mission residents who have never been to one. Of course, I shouldn’t be. It took me 10 years to get there. But hey, I’m now a believer. It’s a great evening of art and music and wandering the Mission District to enjoy all. Pick up your map of venues at the Red Poppy Art House @ Folsom and 23rd.

And during the day, don’t forget all the neighborhood craft fairs.

Enjoy the weekend! lc