It’s been a week of surprise announcements and “strange coincidences” in California politics.

Amid rumors of disappointing fundraising efforts, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday that he was withdrawing from the race for governor. With the state’s budget deficit projected to be more than $41 billion through mid 2010, it’s hard to imagine anyone would pass up a dream job like that.

Maybe now he’ll actually do something for us.

While California’s budget woes may be old news, the ongoing feud between current Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assemblymember Tom Ammiano made national headlines this week.

If you missed the showdown earlier this month, when the Governator crashed the San Francisco Democratic Party annual gala, he was met by an irate Ammiano who yelled, “You lie!” and stormed out the room muttering, “Kiss my gay ass!”

Of course our respected governor wouldn’t stoop to respond to such outrageous remarks.

But then he did.

Wednesday, Schwarzenegger released a letter to Ammiano explaining his decision to veto a bill that would have helped the Port of San Francisco. In the left-hand column of the letter, which compared California’s legislating process to “kicking cans down an alley,” there was a clear message: F*CK Y*U.

I think they should spend their next recess in detention, writing I will not make a mockery of public office on the chalkboard until they get it through their heads.

But if Ammiano’s worried about the Governator flexing his aging muscles, there may soon be another way for him to unwind.

This week the first hearing took place on the Assemblymember’s bill, which would clear the way for the legalization of marijuana in the state of California.

Proponents of the bill said legalizing and taxing the drug could bring in as much as $1.4 billion annually.

A recent Gallup poll shows 44 percent of Americans nationwide support legalization, up from 25 percent just 10 years ago.

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Born and raised in Seal Beach, California, Heather Duthie studied Political Science and Community Studies as an undergraduate. She went on to work on a number of documentary films and for Link Television. She has lived in the Mission District for the past 5 years, and currently covers government for Mission Loc@l.

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  1. well what is the feud about? is it the port of san francisco? does this do anything for the mission? for anybody? are there any california polls on legalization? what do the amiano people say? really, if readers are into cute remarks and snarky attitudes, they can go to the chron or the daily cal.

  2. Ya and a recent Zogby Poll taken in May showed that 52% of Americans supported the Legalization of Marijuana. What can be assumed here is that at LEAST 7% of those who voted in Both polls REALLY would have voted yes in a PRIVATE booth. What can also be assumed here is that people willing to take phone polls are not of the Majority and could even be considered a Group of their own. We no doubt HAVE 51% so technically in a democracy not ONE more person should be arrested. We should be allowed to prosecute our representatives in a court of law for allowing the arrest and jailing of those they represent for laws no longer supported by the Majority.