Alissa Figueroa

Alissa studied everything Latin America in college and later spent a couple years helping homeless folks maneuver New York City's social service bureaucracies. So it's fitting that she now covers city...

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  1. p.s. your email contact is “full” and my email bounced back. don’t mean to “post” these comments, just trying to contact you. gracias.

    1. To all of our readers–so sorry, there was a problem at this end and I think we have fixed it as it is appearing on all of our computers here. Please let us know if it is still a blank to you. Best, Lydia Chavez

  2. video still not playing, though I can now see a Quicktime display, but when I click the play button, the cursor jumps to the end and no images ever come up. I hope my feedback helps solve the technical issues. appreciate your documentation of the event.

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