David Ireland, the San Francisco conceptual artist, began his most enduring work—the house at 500 Capp St.—after he received a notice from the city ordering him to repair the sidewalk.

Front window at 500 Capp St.

Front window at 500 Capp St.

I often walk by the Ireland house at Capp and 20th streets on my way to Mission Loc@l’s office and last week saw the notice below.  I wonder if Ireland, who died last summer, watched from somewhere above and smiled. Time for art, but this time someone else will have to make it.

SF MOMA held a memorial for the artist in September and  has  has a photograph of Ireland working on the sidewalk.

The site also has some wonderful photographs of the inside of the Capp Street house and Ireland’s other work.

I also noticed that Ireland, who purchased the house from an accordion maker, left the former owner’s business sign.  Over the years, it has worn away, but can still be made out.