This week was a sad one for the neighborhood so I thought I’d start Today’s Mission with something a bit lighter. Here is a work in progress, a cool piece of Dolores Park shot from an iPhone.

While those people in the photos weren’t watching their backs, we should after early Thursday morning’s kidnapping.

Interesting numbers on gang injunctions.

Okay, but I said I was going to keep it light …

Fun fact: Bi-rite has honeybee hives on the roof of its store on 18th Street.  But the honey in their famous lavender honey ice cream comes from a different local source. You CAN buy the 18th Street honey in the store though.

Maybe I’ll get ice cream with the leftover $4 from my $28 Hunger Challenge budget. Day 4 was amazing by the way! Amazing because I was treated to pizza. Delfina Pizza no less. And no, it wasn’t because I was looking pathetic with my little Tupperware of salad I’d been carrying around all day. I totally lucked out by going to a meeting with food. It would have been rude for me not to accept the offer. I am not sure if I broke the rules or not, if I did rules aren’t to be broken.

The restaurant Maverick is starting up their Southern nights again next Wednesday.

So CELLspace is having the bike, bands and beer fundraiser tonight. But The Brava Theatre is doing something interesting too. Writers, artist, journalists, and filmmakers will perform a magazine, for one time only, before a live audience.

By the way, we were in the New York Times.

There you have it.


P.S. There is a free Kombucha tasting at Bi-Rite on Saturday from 4-6:30pm.