Safari users, get your photo on with the link to this week’s Sunday Mission Walk here. I like the rain, but I don’t like rain, DSLRs and fancy lenses.

It’s Monday, and I hate to kick it off with a piece of bad news, but here it is: Mission Mission reports an art theft of a Meredith Scheff piece, tweeted from Mission Comics. Seriously, people?

Why not check out Toshio Hirano tonight at Amnesia? Hey, it’s free!

Doesn’t look like there’s much to report today, so I’d like to point you to Tangobaby’s i live here: SF photoshoot with Autumn outside the Women’s Building on 18th Street.

An excerpt:

“Some cities are like love affairs, beginning with butterflies and thrills, then going through adjustments where you aren’t sure if this is the relationship you want at all, and finally to the realization that this force (or person, or city) has completely changed you for the better and you aren’t the same without it.”

And while you’re at it, check up on awesome San Francisco photographers Brad and Jason.

– Armand

Armand Emamdjomeh

Armand is a photojournalism and multimedia student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and is originally from Baton Rouge, La. His work history includes being a paper pusher in Los Angeles...

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