One would think that if a 2008 car were parked on 21st and Folsom streets for three nights straight with the front passenger window rolled down completely, bad things might happen: stolen radio, missing registration from the glove compartment, everything in the trunk ransacked. Not so! At 5:30 this morning I found my car, the window of which I’d left down since Friday night, untouched. Even the $1 bill in the console was still there.

In less celebratory news, southern California wildfires swept more than 42,000 acres, killing two firefighters. The L.A. blaze, according tProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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fire officials, is “still very much out of control.”

Mission Loc@l lensman Armand Emamdjomeh is back with another installment of his popular Sunday Mission Walk series. Meanwhile, ML talks with residents about the late Sen. Kennedy.

Who knew, but America’s fastest-growing immigrant group, according to a Fremont-based story in The New York Times, is the elderly. One in three seniors is foreign-born, but they’re a largely untracked, “invisible” group since, well, “They never win spelling bees … They do not join criminal gangs. And nobody worries about Americans losing jobs to Korean grandmothers.”

SFMTA is gearing up for a heavier crackdown on unlicensed cabbies.

Speaking of fines, cranky about getting boned for another $60 parking ticket? Well don’t take it out on the city parking officer, or you could face two years in prison.

Thanks to Mission Mission to pointing us to a newly posted recipe for Bike Basket Pies’ Mac & Cheese Pies, a winner of the 2009 SF Food Wars.

It’s the last day of August, and if you’re not at the beach getting attacked by jellyfish and Asian tiger mosquitoes, here’s a little reminder that summer in the city ain’t over yet.

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