Safari users, here’s your link to reporter Lily Mihalik’s piece on a decline in remittances sent home from San Francisco.

That’s not cool. According to SFist, the group Catholic Exchange is asking people to demand that the governor veto Senator Mark Leno’s “Harvey Milk Day” bill.

Also, in leading with the serious news today, if you’ve seen this man — an 81 year-old with Alzheimer’s and who requires daily medication — please alert either Daly City ((650) 991-8119) or the San Francisco ((415) 553-0123) police departments. He was last seen last Friday in the Excelsior District.

Last night was the grand opening of Limon, finally re-opening after a fire more than a year ago. SF Weekly snagged an invitation and a review at the “industry and media” party.

While we’re on food, check these Mission District photographs, taken by a reader in – Berlin.



UPDATE: Allan of Mission Mission noted he and Johnny0 broke this story long ago. With a link to Dolores Burrito’s home site, and of course in true German ein zwei efficiency, it apparently takes several steps to order a burrito from this joint. But reports are they’re quite good for Germany. This is great! Don’t ask me about trying to get burritos in Russia or the West Bank. It’s not pretty.

Although this is one more of the many reasons why I really, really want to go to Berlin.

Also according to Mission Mission, the Mission Bicycle Company has started selling clothing and accessories because, well, people wanna buy stuff. Locally sourced and sustainable stuff, that is.

Yay it’s Friday!