Safari users, here’s your link to Heather Duthie and Justin Juul’s continuing coverage on Muni fare evasion.

Lots of food news coming in today from all sources. We’ll start closest to home, with Eater’s sneak peek into the upcoming Pi Bar, which looks oh so classy and appetizing. To top that off, Burrito Justice snapped a photo of the Pi Bar Manifesto. Any pizzeria that comes complete with a manifesto is exciting, and I look forward to saying I live very close to Pi Bar.

And in the latest addition to the twittering street food-serving masses, we’ll soon be seeing a Banh Mi…tricycle? Mission Mission has the scoop, and a lively debate starring the Banh Mi triker himself, Mr. Schlomo Rabinowitz. It just. doesn’t. get. any. weirder.

Wait, is his trike anything like this trike, found on 18th and Capp?

Last on the food menu (I promise) is a quick review of Limon Rotisserie on SF Gate. Yum.

In more serious healthy news, SF Gate reports that Healthy San Francisco has passed with flying colors, at least among participants in the health care plan, according to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The Bay Guardian’s Sex SF blog reports that the Good Vibrations Indie Erotic Film Festival is almost upon us, with parties at El Rio, Amnesia and other locales. I’m out of steam, insert your own clever innuendo here. Or in the comments section.


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