Welcome back to Monday, folks. Wasn’t it a great weekend? If you got a chance to go out and enjoy it, that is.

Hopefully this can bring at least a little light to your Monday mornings, Safari users, here is your link to this week’s Sunday Mission Walk.

UPDATE: Tonight’s the airing of the San Francisco episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, and Pirate Cat Radio is hosting a viewing party. 6:30 p.m. at the station on 21st and Florida. (via Misison Mission.)

Also, this cat, Elliot, is missing. Please help find him and return him to his Treat Ave. home. He is missed.

SF Weekly asks an important question: “Are the Mission’s New Street-Food Carts the True Heirs of Slow Food?


Yesterday, undoubtedly due to the amazing weather we’ve been having lately, the blogs were quiet, but Mission Mission’s photographer Ariel Dovas posted this great image from 16th and Mission. All that way, just to wind up left behind on the sidewalk.

Also, as the school year gets ready to start, the Examiner has posted a profile of the school superintendent Carlos Garcia, who taught at Horace Mann in the ’80’s. He’s got a lot to say, as he calls the government a bunch of hypocrites who say they value education as they cut education budgets. And hey, his favorite book is Siddhartha.

Enjoy your Monday.