August 1, the French start vacation, and here at ML it’s 20 more days until we meet the next wave of reporters and lose some of our very good interns. You can find a couple of them here on Friday’s KQED California Report with Rachael Myrow.

And maybe someday in the not too distant they will all be back to paying jobs at either ML or new hyperlocal sites.

Okay enough nostolgia, for Safari users here’s your link to the feature photo on 3-5 year old soccer players.

Mission Mission has a referral for fighting lovers and more.

Burrito Justice snapped some photos of the inside of Cine Latino recently asking what’s going on there. We too wonder and at times the door has been open and workmen have been inside. We called John Clark at Foreign Cinema who looks out at it from his office window. Nothing he says, adding that he had asked around and that the owner may be doing just enough work to keep the permits open.

Lots of other good tree photos and vintage photos of Dolores and the park. What is the tree with the beautiful blue blossoms? I’ll have to look it up.

And what about that stimulus money? Peter Jamison reports in SF Weekly that San Francisco is trying to get into the game by having the FCC Chair meet with the Valencia Gardens Housing project to hear what’s happening on the expansion of broadband. Wire the Mission!

And check out the Sacrament Bee’s data base on what local cities lose in the state budget.

Okay, have a good day in the park. I hear the Sex Pigeons are selling tees in Dolores from 12:30 p.m. on.

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor at Berkeley’s J-school until 2019. I got my start in newspapers at the Albuquerque Tribune in the city where I was born and raised. The Tribune...

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