Potrero Del Sol Skatepark from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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  1. Awesome video, nice job on the interview, editing and transitions ! Looks like a cool place to hang out and a great park for skating.

  2. I haven’t skated since 1979 when I broke my arm as a little kid, but I love just watching the kids (and old dudes) at the skate park – it’s so positive.

  3. Nice! I live really close to that park not even a block. Pretty cool that they made it into a skate park though my parents hate kids skating near the house now haha

  4. Good eye, Fidel, very professional! You did a great job letting your interviewees shine, which makes it all the better. This video could be used as a persuasive argument to city councils to dedicate land for parks for kids….

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