UPDATE: 2:41 p.m. Feeling broke and alone on a Friday night? Why not head to Street Food for Singles, featuring the Magic Curry Kart, Creme Brulee Cart, Sexy Soup Lady, and many many more? Even better, and adding both underground and geek cred to the event, the Magic Curry Man will be (obliquely, no doubt) revealing the location later today on his Twitter page. Also, vote for when you think the event will be shut down/who you think will be arrested by street food hatin’ city authorities at Mission Mission.

Along with street food on Friday, this weekend promises to be a fattening one, with Mission Street Food becoming Mission Stoner Food this weekend, as Chris Ying takes an MSF look at nachos, hot pockets and chips and dip.

And on Sunday, Shotwell’s is making the ultimate – Double Chocolate Stout Ice Cream Beer Floats. Yes, yes, ice cream AND beer, and ice cream beer! 4-7 p.m.

Also, Streetsblog SF posted that it will be hosting a party after the next Mission Sunday Streets, next Sunday, July 19th in front of Valencia Cyclery in between 21st and 22nd streets.

Also, via Eater SF, is Bi-Rite planning to open a sandwich shop on 18th?


Safari users, here’s your link for Mission Eyes at a punk show at Submission. Should SF have a new all ages venue?

Otherwise, big crowd at Chile Lindo on 22nd Street between Valencia and Mission. Loads of Spaniards and Chileans having empanadas and wine. One said he thought the empanada was the new burrito.

Lots happening this weekend. Friday night there’s the ongong Encuentro de Teatro at the Mission Cultural Center or if you’re more into music, there’s Mission Bohemia at Brava. On Sunday a party to celebrate Pablo Neruda and his poetry. Ah Pablo.

And speaking of poets, look beyond the Mission to the Iranian poets taking to the streets. What would Hafiz say? Just one quick opening stanza from A Crystal Rim,
Lifts its glass to the sun
And light–light
Is poured.

What does this have to do with the Mission, the neighborhood of poets?

And one last nod to the NYT. Mission Loc@l wrote about Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogota who was in SF this week and who is responsible for inspiring Sunday Streets, which happens again in the Mission on the 19th. Peñalosa talked in SF about turning Van Ness into a Bus Rapid Transit and the NYTllooks at the success of Peñalosa’s Bus Rapid Transit in today’s paper.

Hasta pronto.

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