Mission Loc@l’s been seeing a lot of lines along the 18th Street corridor, so we decided to offer readers an alternative — Mission Street — for Gay Pride weekend. Print it out and take it with you. Designed by Dwane Maxwell.

Click for a printable PDF. Happy Gay Pride weekend. missionstreetpdf

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor emeritus at Berkeley’s J-school since 2019 when I retired. I got my start in newspapers at the Albuquerque Tribune in the city where I was born...

22 replies on “Valencia? Try Mission Street for Shops and Eats”

  1. Poor Dianda’s, it has been around forever and it cannot seem to get any love from the pie eating hipsters and reporters @ mission local

  2. Agreed re: Dianda’s. They’re the best for your old-school bakery needs.

    This map is all messed up, btw. East should be on the right, for one thing, and Farolito is much closer to 24 (i.e. right next to the BART station in fact) than 23rd.

    1. Yes, you are all so right and thank you for posting. We will get Dianda’s up asap. Let us know if you see others who should be included. Thank you, Lydia

  3. @el californio

    I would assume this is just a starter kit for people easing their way over from Valencia. And maybe they’ll discover the true treasures on their own? Or am I just optimistic?

  4. That’s a great first cut at this map. A couple quibbles: Tacqueria Cancun is between 18th and 19th, not 19th and 20th. The map has North down, which is counter-intuitive. Finally, am I just out of touch for not knowing what 17 Maverick or Lazlo’s are?

    1. Thank you and yes, of course, you’re right on Cancun. Maverick (good eats) we fixed and Lazlo is part of Foreign Cinema…we must try it because FC is lovely. On North and South, I’m beginning to think we are counter-intuitive at ML. lc

  5. a South-oriented map? How post-colonial of you! Missing my fave Mission institution: Samirami’s Imports – west side, just north of 26th St. All your middle eastern ingredients and supplies – fresh pita daily, great hummous, cheap bulk olives and halvah, good coffee beans, and Samir, the owner, is the sweetest guy. He’s been there since the 1970’s – he used to be very involved with the local Middle Eastern dance scene, still has a great selection of videos…a real neighborhood institution.

    Also – Old Jerusalem – a newcomer just up the street from Samirami’s – a sit-down or take-out place like one you might really find in Al Quds/Jerusalem.

    Other noticeable additions targeted to likely readers of this blog would include: Weird Fish, the stretch of good opticians around 22nd, the sweet corn and mango vendor SE corner of 22nd, La Copa Loca ice cream (22nd before Capp I believe), the cafe’s at 24th St like La Boheme, La Corneta Taqueria…that list goes one. There was a great ‘zine that came out in the early 90’s when I first moved to Capp St. derided Valencia (which was way less yuppy/hipster then but still a far cry from Mission – which had not a single hipster location.) Beauty Bar broke the barrier and started the flood … at least as far as me and my judgie friends were concerned … but Latinos (of the non-hipster varieties) keep coming from all over SF and the Bay Area to this stretch of Mission, which keeps it the energetic place it is.

    PS – If this blog was aimed at senior citizens I would also add Los Portales – the medical center near 22nd, which elderly Latinos know better than homeless dudes know SF General.

    1. Great suggestions. Thank you. Obviously more work to do on the map. And how could I miss Samirami’s imports–must go for fresh pita asap. Best, lc

  6. There is also Jim’s Restaurant at Mission/20th, which appears to be a local neighborhood institution with cheap food to boot. Plus, they are extremely nice in there.

    And also Old Jerusalem near Mission/25th, which I still contend is one of the best “sleeper” restaurants on Mission.

    Workingman’s Headquarters. Even if you have no need to be in a hardware store, this place is still a total trip. The two old men, brothers’ I believe, can find anything in the seemingly chaotic mess. And they usually have opera music playing in the store which just adds to the whole experience.

  7. I admit, it’s a little self-serving, as I work there, but this map of awesome spaces on Mission is sadly lacking an awesome small theater and event space, The Dark Room Theater, 2263 Mission St, between 18th and 19th, East side of the street.

    Also, it’s “BollyHood Cafe” not “Bollywood”. Clever but confusing.

    And thanks for reminding me of Mavericks! I only ate there once, but it was delicious, and I’ve got to go back.

    1. Not at all. We are going to add the Dark Room. Thank you the edit as well! Best, Lydia

    1. We’ve done lots of Google maps and we’ll continue to do them, but we also thought that some readers would like something to print out and take the map along with them. We’ve had a great response so far, but yes, some readers feel very comfortable with Google and will want to stay there. Best, Lydia

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