Sunday Streets Coming to the Mission

It’s time to park your car, take out that bike or pull on your roller blades. It’s your pick. Because Sunday June 7th and July 19th, is Sunday Streets from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dolores Park, Valencia St, 19th and 24th will be totally forbidden to anything that has a motor. The street is yours.


As promised in the video, click here to see the map of Sunday Streets and the free activities proposed for the event.

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  1. dan

    This sucks. We LIVE on an alley off 19th and can’t get into or out of our own street for 24 hours with no notice or neighbor input??? wtf? as much fun as the 60 dollar ticket i got today for parking on my own street because the city is a month behind issuing parking permits.

  2. Steve Gifford

    It’s awesome. Suck it up Dan.

  3. douglass

    Whether this event is awesome or not, what about proper notification to the neighborhood. i have seen the no parking signs but there were no other explanations. My neighbor is 82 years old and blind; her daughter comes and drives her to church every sunday. How are they going to navigate this event? I am all for alternative ways of living life, but what taking other people who may not be physically able into consideration!!

  4. Thanks gonna bookmark this site. Regards

  5. Jefferson

    No. It really does suck. Proper notification indeed. The collusion between DPT and AutoReturn (CityTow) is criminal. They can get away with this in the Mission but in a neighborhood with a significantly higher concentration of lawyers? HA!

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