You could be reading this, or you could be heading over to Flour + Water, which opens TONIGHT. Ok, well read this, and ML@L reporter Ayako Mie’s report on Flour + Water and other new upscale restaurant ventures in the Mission District to whet your appetite, and then head over. Schmidt’s (German!), Phat Philly (cheesesteak!), Anthony’s Cookies (cookies!), Urban Burger (burger!), Xanath (ice cream!) and Gracias Madre (vegan Latino!) – it’s going to be a delicious summer.

Mission Mission points us towards this article on “Volleybonk” at the Golden Gate [X]press. Volleyball + tennis + kickball + water = volleybonk. Do yourself a favor and watch the video link in the article. On view this summer at the Dolores Park tennis courts.

Coming at us from CBS5, the refurbished Franklin Square Playground will reopen, after a $1.2 million renovation. Catch the opening at 3:30pm, 17th and Bryant Streets.

Classes are over and summer is here. If you’re going to be spending time in Dolores Park this summer, take time to read this breakdown of the park’s various scenes. No mention of food carts though.

A bit of statewide news with it’s roots right here in the city. Assembly member Tom Ammiano tells us that his AB772, the Local Government Identification Act, passed the State Assembly last week 5-2. The act would create a system much like the San Franciscio municipal ID in municipalities statewide.

And this just for fun: Sarah Palin defends Miss California.