First we start with something from last night, and a critically important question that I’d like to know the answer to. The lovely CBS5 Eye on Blogs asks – should tortilla chips always come free with a taqueria burrito?

Johnny0 of Burrito Justice responded in depth, here, inlcuding an (enlightening) review of the history of the tortilla chip. Now that’s journalism you can use!

(My vote? Yes.)

CookieWagSF (cookies from a cart) debuted today in Dolores Park. Apparently there is also some sort of juice cart going to be there on Saturday as well? These food carts are really proliferating, where will it stop? (And by stop I mean, go, go, go.)

It looks like Chowhown will have to add the aforementioned @urbanectar cart to it’s list of “SF Bay Nonstaurants” or, places-where-you-can-get-food-that-are-kinda-like-restaurants-or-maybe-a-cart-or-maybe-in-another-restaurant-once-a-week. Chowhound, thank you for doing this. (via Eater SF)

Save Medjool? The MAC has another plan – “Save the Progressive/Historic Latino/a Mission District.” Discuss. Here, or join the controversy on Curbed.

Last, Mission Dispatch has two new pieces for you to peruse. The first covers a meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, the second covers MTA proposals to raise parking meter rates by 50 cents to $1 an hour, as well as shortening of maximum hours.

Oh, and Mission Loc@l’s own Julie Johnson reports – bike to work = GREAT SUCCESS!

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Armand is a photojournalism and multimedia student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and is originally from Baton Rouge, La. His work history includes being a paper pusher in Los Angeles and a youth program coordinator in Ramallah, and is currently a student editor at Mission Local, which means he gets to read a lot of news and tell people what to do.

He also waits for the day when bacon and buffalo sauce combine on one plate.

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