Flour + Water opens on Friday! Keep watching Mission Loc@l for a full report.

They’ve done it. They’ve dropped the bomb. Yeeup, the B-word. Like the initial shots fired at Fort Sumter, Eater SF brings us the news of Johnathan Gold’s column in the LA Weekly talking trash on the SF burrito. While there’s no doubt that there’s a big difference in the burritos from Bay Area and SoCal burritos, at least Mr. Gold has the good sense to mention the iconic Burrito King down south. Now, if only we had an answer to Zankou Chicken. Be sure to read the comments for an enlightening discussion on the evolution of the original California meal on the go.

As if that showdown wasn’t good enough for you, the Board of Supervisors had its big Muni budget showdown today, which was live-blogged by the SF Appeal. Read the intense play-by-play here.

And this via Mission Mission, Dolores Park now has an event calendar online. Perhaps we can start getting Amuse-Bouche and the Creme Brulee Cart to begin posting their schedules?

Last Oy Bay reports that the Mission Minyan will celebrate its first Torah this weekend at the Women’s Building,