Another undying story: taco truck. Examiner blogger Caroline Grannan posted a list of myth-debunkings about the taco truck rules in San Francisco, including some sharp criticism of Burrito Justice’s fine map-with-red-circles, which we lauded earlier this week. Grannan also fesses up to having been part of the group that worked for the no-food-trucks-within-1500-feet-of-schools rule. It’s the brave new world of blogging, in which you declare your bias and then defend it.

And that brave new world is looking more and more like the future, if the Chronicle and SFGate are any indication. The paper continues to wow online readers today with its spectacularly weird taste in advertising-as-wallpaper. What does it mean, after all, when your ad copy (“The Secret Lives of Seahorses”) font is larger than that of your own title? Seahorses are definitely cool, and so is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but the wavy seagrass effect is just a little overpowering. Oh, newspapers: even if you don’t survive in print, please retain a little of your gravitas.

In more practical news, city Treasurer Jose Cisneros reminded us today that folks making less than $45,000 in 2008 qualify for free tax help at 20 locations around the city. Even if you don’t owe taxes, city employees and their partners in the Earn it! Keep it! Save it! project can help you file for your Earned Income Tax Credit, which means up to $4800 in your pocket. Plus, you might qualify for the San Francisco Working Families Credit, which would add another $100 in cash money. No need to pay the tax-refund sharks a percentage of your hard-earned dough — call 211 for more information about the free assistance, or visit