Feeling a little shaky from too much free coffee? It might have been the 4.3 magnitude earthquake at 10:40 a.m. The quake originated from south of San Jose but was felt by people all across the bay.

Despite our fair city’s proximity to a feisty fault line, it seems travel sections are sending vacationers here (37° 37′ N, 122° 23′ W), noting in particular the thrifty and iconic Mission burrito (visitors may be interested in an upstart chain’s healthy version). If cheap is the new green, then SF must be really green, according to the Examiner’s article on falling rent prices. Down an average of $200? Really? We’ll have more about that in an ML special report on Valencia’s business vacancies.

And if the hot dog guy is any clue, the city may be launching a crusade against street food. Check back later this week for an update on the fate of a Harrison Street taco truck — including live tweets from Wednesday’s public hearing — and find out what the heck our elected officials have been doing.