Holy smokes(d meat!) After the link to the bacon chocolate bar in yesterday’s column, johnny0 at Burrito Justice commented these three links for those who can’t get enough bacon.

Burrito Justice also posted some super-cool artwork by Jesse Hazelip, animals with guns. Find more of his stuff at jessehazelip.com. The buffalo bomber can be found on Valencia Street.

On a totally non Mission-related topic, Vegansaurus today reviewed Zapp’s Cajun Crawtators. My question is where did they find these in the Bay Area?? I never realized these were vegan, but I must also admit to being a “gross ass fool” Louisianan who eats boiled crawfish. The potatoes add a nice flavor under the seasoning, but nothing compared to the sweet, slightly muddy flavor of a crawfish!

Curbed SF has called out the Casa Verde on 25th Street illegally grabbing electricity from it’s neighbor. Checked Curbed SF for much more information on the Casa Verde.

From Eater SF, a new restaurant on The Corner of 18th and Mission?

And from Mission Mission, the possibility of new bike lanes in the city and potato towers from the free farm stand.

Also, check out our new favorite burrito poll!