Hell yes. Noise Pop ’09 opens next week, and will run Feb. 24-March 1. Mission venues include the Roxie, ATA, the Eleanor Harwood Gallery and the Verdi Club. This year’s festival is billed as “the most ambitious iteration of San Franciscoís favorite indie music, arts and film festival yet,” and includes Antony and the Johnsons, the French Kicks, Deerhunter, Stephen Malkmus and Matt Costa, as well as many, many others to fulfill an indie kid’s wet dream.

I’ll stop nerding out for a second. On more serious matters, you know that dollar store on Mission Street? That one you bought the off-brand Windex from? You might want to know what’s in those cheap cleaning products, and what they can do to you, says a new piece from New America Media.

Now that Chicken John‘s foiled American Apparel’s plans for Valencia Street, he’s looking for a new cause. Because, really, what’s an activist without a Mission?

And America, enough with the bacon already!