Today’s oh shit story across the nation is the 62,000 (and rising) jobs cut in the U.S. and around the world. While these are national statistics for large firms, does anyone know of any local Mission businesses cutting employees?

This raging economic storm, however, doesn’t seem to affect American Apparel, which apparently remains determined to open a store at 988 Valencia Street. Today, Mission Mission’s Allan Hough’s inquiry garnered a response from AA, which you can read here on the Mission Mission website.

There’s also this great post on Skrapnel, which raises the specter of a hipster civil war, as it were, on Valencia Street, but also a good analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed store on Valencia.

Someone, somewhere must be laughing that the Domino theory is being used as justification for preventing the store from opening.

Speaking of (small, local) chains, Valencia Street, and the falafel discussion of a few days past, had a falafel sandwich from Ali Baba today, which I have to admit blew Old Jerusalem out of the water. French fries, eggplant, hot sauce, and a tart yogurt sauce topping with cucumbers and tomato in lavash bread so large it virtually mandates splitting it across two meals.

Also, SFist has posted an investigation into counterfeit extra virgin olive oil. Is nothing safe these days?