The Mission blogosphere hasn’t been too active today—maybe everyone was at the American Apparel protest? District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty has also announced that he is against the proposed store on 988 Valencia St., according to Stop American Apparel. Mmm. Wonder when District 9 Supervisor David Campos will show his hand.

New art exhibit “Beginners Blood” is going up at Mission Fishes.

SFGate has published a profile on the Healthy Dancers Clinic in the ODC Dance Commons on Shotwell Street.

Meanwhile, Richard Fausset at the Examiner has written a profile on Kristen Brydum, founder of the Really Really Free Market, who was killed last year while riding her bike home through the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. (Oops … Madeleine pointed out my oversight that the Brydum article is actually from Richard Fausset at the Los Angeles Times.)

BeeBopp comments in the post:
“New Orleans jerks with violent motion to feed itself. Hell lined with Magnolia tree and trolley cars. Clawing unkempt hands outstretched.”

Ahh … New Orleans.