Our very own American Apparel reaction piece is up, reported by Mission Loc@l reporter Julie Johnson. You may also want to check out this piece from Ecolocalizer.

Mission Mission and Burrito Justice have been diving headfirst into this historical map stuff, helped by several contributors. Check this one out. Amazing. Who knew the Mission had racetracks?

While we’re on a history track, how about a short history lesson on San Francisco’s name?

Zipping back to today, there’s an online tour of Mission murals from the travel blog Gadling.

Last, there is a great piece on the Thorns of Life show at Thrillhouse Records by James Stevens on Mission Mission. Blake Schwarzenbach, former lead singer of o.g. Mission rockers Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil brought his new band to Thrillhouse at 30th and Mission. I’m sorry I missed out on this show, so I might try to catch them at 924 Gilman in Berkeley on Saturday.