Kirsten Brydum, 25, created the Really Really Free Market in San Francisco in 2005. On Sept. 26, 2008, Brydum was killed in New Orleans. She was traveling around the United States and working on a new project, the Collective Autonomy Network.

On Oct. 25, 2008, friends organized the first Really Really Free Market since her murder. Her father, Steen Brydum, joined his daughter’s friends in Dolores Park. In Chicago, the news of Kirsten’s passing inspired people to create their own version of the market this weekend with memorials for the late activist.

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The blog Ryan is Hungry interviewed Brydum in 2007. Click here to see the video interview.

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor at Berkeley’s J-school until 2019. I got my start in newspapers at the Albuquerque Tribune in the city where I was born and raised. The Tribune...

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  1. Helene, Thank you for making this piece about Kirsten and the RRFM. If anyone would like to learn more please go to

    Thank to all for your support and kind words, they help us all.
    … Steen.

  2. Hello:

    I am a member of the Lothlorien Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin and a couple weeks before her tragic passing, Kirsten crashed at our house for a few nights. I did not personally spend very much time with her, (her travels and other activities were keeping her pretty busy) but I was able to get to know her a bit while cooking and giving out food in Peace Park. She was so genuinely interested in getting to know us and the little time that I spent with her was very rewarding.

    When we heard about what happened a few of my fellow co-oppers and I decided that we would like to organize a RRFM in Madison and in an attempt to stay true to her goals I am doing some research so that I can best help organize this. My research brought me to this video and after watching, I am so much more motivated to do this for her, for us, for the betterment of our community. Thank you very much to the creator of this video! If anyone would like to contact me with suggestions as to how we here in Madison can best carry on Kirsten’s dreams please feel free!

    Peace and Love,

  3. I interviewed some participants at the October, 2008, RRFM in Dolores Park for a radio piece which is scheduled to air the Wednesday before Thanksgiving: November 26. The program is Crosscurrents, the local news magazine on KALW Radio, 91.7 in San Francisco. Soon after 11/26, this story will be archived on the website.

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