1. CG

    On anecdote in Muni’s defense: I recently witnessed a bus driver on the 14 Mission try to stop a woman from paying when he saw that she was clutching a transfer in her hand. Because she spoke no English, she wasn’t able to understand that he just wanted to look at the transfer to see whether she could get on for free.

  2. John

    For years I had assumed that as long as I got through the door of the bus before the transfer expired, that I was riding the bus legally. And, isn’t that how the subway works in New York?

  3. Ron Jeremy

    ah Muni’s Community Affairs dept. spends way too much time in their offices at 1 South Van Ness. They loathe attending community meetings of this sort, since they like to get home by 6pm. You guys should give Judson True or Jay Lu a ring.

  4. Seven

    With so many riders having zero proof of payment on certain lines, why would a fare inspector even both with recently expired transfers? Cite all the nonpaying riders first, and that clearly isn’t being done.

  5. Cultural training for the police is useless. Most of the cops that I see being hired are not from SF. So they can not relate to immigrants because they never grew up knowing any. They don’t have the exposure to other cultures in the suburbs or central valley.

  6. Kathleen

    Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars we spend on ESL I have absolutely no sympathy for people who (usually when convenient) use their failure to understand/speak English as an excuse. We pay billions of dollars on illegal aliens and part of that money is for enforcement of our laws. Illegals may term enforcement of our laws as “harrassment;” legals call it getting what we pay for.

  7. Bea

    If you’re going to ride Muni, pay the $2 and follow their policies. Or walk.

  8. Willy Camina

    It seems to me that fare inspectors harass all riders equally. I’ve never seen them say “all immigrants get your tickets out!” I also don’t understand how language is such an issue, I mean, they know what bus line to take, right? How then do they not know to pay the fare?

  9. please visit http://www.baytac.org/MUNI_PROPOSAL_2010.pdf
    March 30, 2010, agenda

    Begin page content.



    The Origin of BAYTAC according to Emanuel Andreas, President

    On April 7th, 2009, at around 3: 33 PM, I attended SFMTA’s monthly Board meeting and made a public comment, in which I opposed SF Muni giving SFPD $19 million for security they did not provide. The next day, I was told by the dispatcher on duty that I was being placed on non-driving status. I knew that this was management’s retaliation to my public comment, because I was given no reason as to why I was pulled from driving……
    For management to put me under house division arrest without any reason shows the impact I have made and continue to make on the operators. This organization and the services it is providing will make it easier for operators who are experiencing undue penalties and discipline to fight back. ….B.A.Y.T.A.C. will serve as an instrumental organization in trying to right the wrongs inflicted by management…..


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